So We Went Out For A Nice Little Run And This Happens!

It was a lovely Spring day on the Yokosuka base in Yokohama Japan when we ventured out to join our friendly little running group for a Sunday afternoon toot. …

Question: Is starting a new online business worth it?

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Answer: It depends on the business!

I have been selling private label on Amazon for the last 6 years and in this time I developed 3 separate brands and a couple of dozen unique products that made it through the development phase to market.

During these 6 years I have…

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Habitual success. No fancy catchphrases or clichés, just a simple message and concept. Its entire essence is actually contained in just a few short sentences and the rest is nothing more than supporting information for these four simple words which, when applied, make the habitual success of anything, simple.

Make decisions in advance.


I bet I know what you’re thinking.

“I think this crazy woman is going to tell me to sit in a tub full of cold water for a few hours to shiver the pounds away!”

Well, I am Canadain and do know a bit about cold water, but no — that’s not it, thankfully.

Although! Scientifically speaking…

This is the list you’ll wish you could somehow sneak back to your younger self in your own handwriting with a heading that reads: Stuff to get over first, hotshot…..

Regret #1 Not Admitting To Faults & Weaknesses Sooner

The fastest way to win the hearts and minds of humans…

Heather Farrell

Helps Expat wives identify & launch the ABSOLUTE PERFECT online business match for their personality & lifestyle while living overseas.

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